Developing An App [Infographic]18weeks


What exactly goes into developing an app? 

One of the biggest questions we get when developing a mobile application is "How quickly can you get this done for me." In an effort to help you understand exactly what goes into the development of a single platform mobile application, we set out to do our own internal research to share with you. In the process we found that Kinvey had referenced an AYTM study of a large sampling of developers.  We combined that information with our own to produce this infographic so you can better understand the development process.

What You'll Learn:

  • Mobile Apps are complex animals that take several months of work to develop from start to finish.
  • Learn each stage of development that your app goes through.
  • See inside our process for creating a custom application
  • And more!

Download this free infographic and learn more about our process for creating an app.