From Likes To Leads Banner

Watch our 30 minute webinar about how you can turn your social media followers into valuable leads for your company.

NewSEO_MacbookMost companies already have a Facebook Page, Twitter account and LinkedIn, but are you using these valuable channels in the most effective way possible to generate leads for your business? Having a presence on social media is one thing, but making sure your hard work and effort isn’t wasted can be a challenge of its own. Jason Parkinson, President & CEO of ONEFIRE, will teach you ways to leverage your social media channels so they start generating business for your company. 


In this short webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Generating the right content in the right channels that drives results
  • Converting your social media audience into your own lead database
  • Engaging with your audience to delight them
  • Using Contesting & Targeting to reach more customers

Watch the webinar now or anytime in the future!